Biodynamic Vineyards: Bonny Doon

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The vines of Popelouchum in Bonny Doon. Photo credit: Helen Ziegler

Bonny Doon Vineyards in California has been practicing biodynamic methods since 2004. What does it mean to be biodynamic?

To them, it’s very much a philosophy. Everything they do is to help the vines awaken and become aware of itself and its surroundings. It is in essence treating the vineyard like a sentient being, able to learn. It’s farming homeopathy to boost the vineyard’s immune system.

Astronomy plays a huge role in biodynamics. Planets and constellations affect the vineyard, giving this astronomical calendar a cyclical rhythm that heightens the “energetic potentiality” of different parts of the plant. Certain farming practices are then timed out to match the part to the practice. Grapes, for example, should be harvested on a fruit day.

Is all this consideration and theory worth it? Grab a bottle of Bonny Doon’s wines and find out.

Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare ($20)
Tart strawberries play with notes of rock, offering a lingering finish.

Bonny Doon ‘A Proper Claret’ ($20)
Balanced black fruit, tannins and acidity.