Happy Pride Weekend!

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This weekend, as New York Pride festivities are in full bloom, we celebrate all of our LGBTQ+ friends.

Let us take a brief break from wine talk to share this wonderful video from them. that marries the deaf and LGBTQ+ community. Chella Man is a mainstream deaf individual and genderqueer artist who experienced hearing loss over time and is not so fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

Chella describes himself as “smack dab in the middle of the hearing world and the Deaf world.” In comes Nyle DiMarco, a deaf activist and model, who teaches Chella some LGBTQ+ vocabulary in ASL and gives him hope for a future in communicating with ease.

And if you’re looking for a worthy LGBTQ+ organization to contribute to this weekend, be sure to look up New Alternatives, a local shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Their mission is to increase the self-sufficiency of their clients to help them transition to a stable adulthood through their dedicated staff and programs.

Love you all!
xo, Tipsy