Kite and String Cyser — Mead Fit for the Iron Throne

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Mead: It’s not just something to enjoy at Renn Fests! This mead in particular is special: 1. It’s our only mead 2. It’s cyser, a mix of hard apple cider and honey mead 3. And it’s made from New York state apples!

Enjoy House Finger Lakes Cider’s house brand! Okay, they’re actually called Finger Lakes Cider House, but we had to throw another GoT reference in there!

This bottle has round, fermented honey notes with apple shining through. It was aged in charred former bourbon barrels and underwent secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Bring it to your next Night’s Watch party and enjoy it in a golden chalice fit for a Lannister!

Kite and String Cyser ($20) Toasty apples with a drizzle of honey.