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Before creating Bloom Gin, Joanne Moore, a Master Distiller who has won more awards for gin distilling than possibly anyone else on the planet, had a two-decade-long career with G&J Greenall’s. In an interview with Tom Bruce-Gardyne from The Spirits Business, Joanne talks about her unlikely entry into gin:

“I never set out to be a distiller, so it was probably as much a surprise to myself as anyone else. My degree is in biochemistry, so I describe myself as a geeky scientist with a creative flair. I never made the connection between liking science and being creative until I joined G&J Greenall’s in 1996.”

In 2006, J&G Greenall, gin producers since the reign of George III, broke with tradition and appointed Joanne Moore as its first female master distiller, a rarity at the time. By 2009, Joanne was sick of people telling her they didn’t like gin, so she decided to make a gin that even the most ardent juniper hater would like.

“I knew there was a gap for a light, floral gin, and my imagination took me to a secret garden with wildflower meadows and a wrought iron gate. I knew camomile would work and started experimenting with lots of flowers which took me back to my childhood. For Bloom, I ended up choosing honeysuckle and pomelo, which has this beautiful, rich orange note.”

Bloom is made by an all-female team, each with their own individual styles, skills and personalities, all united in a mission to make delicious gins. The line now includes a Jasmine Gin, Lemon and Elderflower Gin, and Rose Gin. More than a slogan, Joanne encourages her team and customers to “Live Full Bloom.” What does this mean for Joanne?

“It’s about leading a life you love, a life where you can look back and say, you know what, I didn’t waste my life with negativity. I achieved, I laughed, I loved, I lived. Sometimes we find ourselves bogged down with the stresses of work, not making time for family or friends let alone our passions and ambitions. At Bloom, we say life is too short not to #LIVEFULLBLOOM.”

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