New in the Store: Arcane Distilling Fernet

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Oh, Fernet, the bottle you see in every cocktail bar and the shot-of-choice by most bartenders. But what is this drink that makes sense in the hand of the hipster down the street and for your grandfather after dinner?

Fernet was invented in 1845 by Bernandino Branca in Milan, Italy. The herbal liqueur is typically referred to as a digestif, and is often served straight up. Fernet fits under the category as a type of amaro which translates to “bitter” in Italian. That description a lone could not hold more true for all of the herbs used in Fernet-Branca (myrrh, quinine, angelica, peppermint, cardamom and saffron) can all be tasted leaving you feeling like you may have just consumed medicine that is kind of good. Fernet can be served as is, over ice or room temperature. Since it has grown in popularity over the years (a huge scene in San Francisco), several cocktail recipes have started surfacing for Fernet lovers everywhere.

Most Fernet that you see at cocktail bars is Fernet-Branca, however there are more than just one Fernet in the world and one distillery in Brooklyn, NY is adding some competition to the Fernet-leading-Branca. Arcane Fernet all started out as a bet — which went a little something like “I bet you can’t make fernet.” and distiller David Kyrejko was up for the challenge. He started Arcane Distilling and set out to make a Fernet that people who may not be able to stand the peppermint notes would like and even buy! According to Edible Brooklyn, after just four months on the market, 400 bottles were made. At Tipsy we bought into the drinkable and incredibly enjoyable Arcane Fernet. At the store and online we sell the product for $39.

If you are a lover of Fernet-Branca you have got to try Arcane and even if you have turned your nose up at it in the past, be open. Kyrejko made the product with 20 different herbs and drinks noticeably smooth.