Somm Spotlight: Kerry Anne Hoffman

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Kerry Anne Hoffman, a Brooklyn dweller with a law degree, found herself working at a fabulous three star restaurant in December of 2010. Surrounded by people with a thirst for wine knowledge, and a top rated sommelier running the show, Kerry started absorbing knowledge about wine each day.

Eager to learn more, Kerry took the certification course at the Sommelier Society of America, a 21-week course covering all wine regions and culminating in a 2 hour final exam with blind tastings. After passing in February 2012, Kerry knew she wanted to put her wine knowledge to good use. She started her own wine tasting brand, House Wine with Kerry, hosting fun and approachable wine tastings at law firms, bachelorette parties or in the privacy of one’s home.

As a Project Manager at a fitness-centric tech company, Kerry incorporates wine into her daily life, by sharing her knowledge with friends or co-workers, or enjoying a glass at any of the endless number of wine bars in the city. Chilean cabernets, Loire Valley whites, and a crisp Rose are in her regular rotation, but her favorite glass is one she has never had before, because your journey through wine never ends.

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