The Fall Sale Harvest: Fiorano Pecorino ‘Donna Orgilla’ Offida

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Pecorino… we swear it exists as a wine grape! It’s just losing the SEO war against the cheese and Italian restaurants named in tribute to the cheese. Scroll down a little further and you’ll find one of Italy’s finest white wines.

The grape doesn’t get its name from the cheese, but instead for the mountain-grazing sheep in Italy that just can’t resist eating the grapes. Italian lesson for the day: pecora means sheep!

Pecorino wines have a pleasing floral aroma, but a dry, mineral palate of citrus that persists. You can’t go wrong pairing it with a soul-warming plate of risotto. Specifically a seafood risotto. Even more specifically a seafood risotto with some pecorino cheese on top!

Fiorano Pecorino ‘Donna Orgilla’ Offida ($25) We love this bottle; delicate white flowers and balanced acidity.

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