Therese’s Travels

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Hello Tipsy Friends,

Greetings from Berlin. Wanted to say hello and happy spring to all of you! Europe is excellent and there is all the wine you could dream of! (Easily accessible and so affordable.)

Here are some places I’ve enjoyed wine:

  • Barcelona, Spain
    So much Cava and delicious Spanish Reds. And Tapas! Thanks to Chuck for the recommendations smile

  • Florence, Italy
    Full-bodied warm Reds, dry Proseccos and Aperol Spritzes galore, perfect counterparts for all the pizza and pasta.

  • Berlin, Germany
    Winter in Germany is cold, and beer is King here. However I still got to try lots of new German wines, and there is an expanding and inventive mixology scene. (One bar we went to in Berlin is exclusively dedicated to Gin & Tonics. 40 types of Gin, 10 homemade tonics and everything from gooseberry to grilled rosemary as garnishes!)

We head to Nice next, for some warm weather.

Miss you all, Therese

Drink through Therese’s journey with us:

Castillo Perelada, Cava Brut Reserva ($14)
Zippy citrus with a crisp, biscuity ending.

Lamberti Organiv Prosecco ($18)
Stone fruit, citrus, and white flower.

PJ Valckenberg “Der Stift” Riesling ($14)
Like a bowl of lemons with a touch of sugar.

Dorothy Parker Gin ($34)
Classic botanical flavors, with some unexpected ones like cinnamon and hibiscus.

UPDATE (7/11/18): Therese is back with us in the shop! Make sure you catch her and ask about her travels!