Women Winemakers: Josetta Saffirio + Sara Vezza

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The history of Josetta Saffirio is nothing short of inspiring. At the age of 23, Josetta Saffirio decided to join the wine industry and make wine on her father’s land. By late 1989, her work was being recognized in Italian wine competitions. She set the stage for her daughter, Sara Vezza, to take on the reigns.

What seems apparent with these two is their focus on maintaining the land for generations to come. As Sara says:

“We are pieces of a mosaic. We are wine writers, actors of nature, we help plants to grow, as children and we are in contact with the vitality of the earth. The soil, the vine and everything that surrounds us. Wine is a life force, rich in micro-organisms that allow it to evolve. For this reason it is necessary to work the land with great responsibility towards future generations.”

That piety is apparent in how Vezza approaches her work. In her own blog, she mentions the value and purpose found in family. She finds new senses opening up and it informs her work on the vineyard. Vezza has even held a competition to get local design and architecture students at a nearby university to find ways to repurpose old materials from the winery.

This vineyard also strongly believes in the power of the gnomes who Ernesto (Sara’s grandfather) claims are in the forest to help the farmers in exchange for some wine. The gnomes on each bottle are Josetta’s own designs.

See the gnome for yourself! Grab a bottle of their Barolo today!

Josetta Saffirio Barolo ($52) Big red fruits with tobacco and wood.

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