A Holiday Feast For You

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Braised Duck

    A delicious meal prepared just for you? Undeniably amazing. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Van Alst Kitchen this Christmas, to lighten your holiday load by offering a specially prepared meal pick-up at our store on the 24th, and the chance to reserve a weekender with wines that we’ve selected to pair with the seasonal flavors of this holiday meal.

    The catering menu is à la carte, so you can order only what appeals to you. Both will be available for delivery or curbside pickup on December 24th.

    Place your order with Van Alst Kitchen by 5 pm on the 20th here, and order your special holiday weekender by 5pm on the 20th from us here. We’ll reconcile our lists and take it from there.

    Here’s what’s on the menu:

    Classic Christmas Cheeseball $18 (vegetarian & gluten free)
    Shrimp Cocktail 4pc/$16 8pc/$32 (gluten & dairy free)
    Sicilian Lifeguard Calamari: a spicy, calamari stew with tomato, caperberries and Israeli couscous $16/$32 (dairy free)
    Grilled Radicchio with persimmons and walnuts $14/$28 (vegetarian, gluten & dairy free)
    Fennel/Grapefruit/Orange Salad $14/$28 (vegetarian, gluten & dairy free)
    Confit Duck Legs w/citrus-horseradish gremolata $19pc (dairy free)
    Christmas Ham with bourbon and pineapple $16/$32 (dairy free)
    Smashed Rutabaga and Yukon Gold Potatoes with scallions and butter $13/$26 (vegetarian & gluten free)
    Green Beans and shallots $13/$26 (vegetarian & gluten free)
    Christmas Cookie Box—12 assorted cookies for $22.
    Buche de Noel—spice cake with milk and white chocolates, citrus and vanilla—half/$18, whole/$36.
    Butterscotch Pudding $15 (gluten free)

    And here are the wines we’ve picked for you (available as a 3-pack for $35):

    Zardetto Prosecco Private Cuvée
    Picollo Ernesto Gavi
    Paris Rocchi Vernaccia Nera Secco Spumante – San Ginesio