Simple Summer Spritz

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The origins of many cocktails are lost over time and through anecdote and lore—but the “spritz” in an “Aperol Spritz” can be traced to a number of bubbly bottles, so let’s turn to the apértlf first. Aperol became cherished as an apéritif in the 1920s through the first half of the 20th century through clever marketing by Luigi and Silvio Barbiero, who capitalized on the right moment to promote it in the form of a cocktail in the 1950s.

It didn’t take long before the three-ingredient cocktail spread across voguish circles in northern Italy, where it remains the gold standard for golden hour today.

Luigi and Silvio Barbiero’s original recipe:

- 3 parts Prosecco (we love Dibon Cava).
- 2 parts Aperol.
- 1 part soda.

- Serve in wine or rocks glass over ice (for best results use large ice cubes for slow dilution!)
- Garnish with Orange slice

Recently, however, the Aperol Spritz has come under some unexpected critique. Rebekah Pepplar recently compared the drink to a Capri Sun in the same article—twice. She accuses the drink of being overly sweet, popularized by instagram for its bright coloring, but is overall uninspiring when there are so many apértifs and sparkling or bubbly bottles to choose from.

The bellwether could be swinging from emphasis on the aesthetic to the more obscure: let’s check out another option on the 3-2-1 cocktails. One of by favorites come from food blogger By Gabriella

- 3 parts Hoch Kalkspitz Pet Nat (check it out here!).
- 2 Parts Cynar.
- 1 part Grapefruit Juice, Grapefruit Soda, or soda.

- Serve in red or white wine glass over large ice cubes.
- Stir to combine. Add more soda if needed.
- Garnish with wedge of lemon and one olive.

This drink brings the bitter, the citrus, the effervescence, and a light sweetness that you won’t regret trying.