Tipsy’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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It’s that time of the year when holiday wish lists and gift guides proliferate your inbox, where supply chain woes make us feel like we should have ordered our gifts in November and when to-do lists grow past the point of feeling like there’s any point in them at all.

At Tipsy, we’d like to help make the holidays easier on you. Wine, spirits, bubbles and wine accessories make the perfect gifts because they’re experiential and meant to be shared together. We’ve got something for everyone on your list:

For your hipster coworker

Monteverdi Nocino,($68): A delicious, Amaro-esque small-production walnut liquor

Erstwhile Mezcal Espadín,($60): Support small producers with this fair trade spirit with stunning packaging.

For your feminist BFF

Une Femme Juliette 1er Cru Champagne ($66): Get a bottle from this woman winemaker for the femme you want to celebrate

Callie Rosé Bubbles 750/187 mls ($28)/$10): Juicy strawberry bubble to celebrate the season, plus the little ones make great stocking stuffers

For roommates from the past, present and future

El Impostor Sparkling Cinsault ($16) - this sparkling wine is fun, delicious and impossible to categorize

Van Brunt 375ml mini gift set ($60): Not only can you enjoy a glass of whiskey together, but you can outfit your cupboard with new glasses from this local distillery.

Gentle Folk Vin de Sofa($33): Maybe they’ll share this red with you, on the sofa smile

For the person who takes care of your pets when you skip town

Norden Aquavit($36): Fortify them for the cold days with this herbaceous liquor

Mariotti Smarazen($22): This sparkling wine puts the “pet” in pet nat

For your not-so-secret crush

Enlightenment Mead Night Eyes ($31): Say it all without saying a word with this intoxicating perfume of honeyed fruits and mystery

For the landlord who let you pay rent late

Diego Curtaz Di Noutro($32): A beautifully aged white with lots of character

Alpha box and Dice Golden Mullet ($36): Surprise them with the funkiest orange wine we know

POE Pinot Meunier($40): You’ve seen it blended in champagnes, but have you tasted it as a standalone? Very classy.

For the friend group gift exchange

Canette Spritzers($8 each): Keep it cute with cans of red and rose, along with limited holiday pear and spice

Sofia can 4-packs($20): Bring these to a party or use them to ring in New Year’s!

Van Brunt mini gift pack($25): Perfect for sampling the best of Van Brunt’s whiskey offerings.

Claudia Pearson Tea Towel cocktail and Tea Towel Wine & Cheese($18): There’s nothing more fun than tea towels in bright colors to ring in the New Year

For your newlywed friends that you never sent a gift

Decanter sets ($118): We’re obsessed with these embossed decanter sets. Pick your favorite: glasses that say his and his with a decanter that says ours, hers & hers, mine and also mine, or his & hers.