Passion for Pinot—Anne Sery

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Anne’s wine story stems from her earliest childhood memories—while she may not have been drinking it, long family dinners would always have a bottle of Pinot Noir on the table, and passionate discussion about the grape always followed.

Anne was born in the tropical French Island of Reunion, and she spent her university years traveling back to Burgundy traveling to family vineyards to learn the art of winemaking from Pinot Noir masters.

Winemaking wasn’t her original plan, but her family’s passion sparked an interest that continued to grow through her adult years. In an interview with Westmount, she explains that:

“With my father’s love for Pinot Noir, it was always on the dinner table. However, it wasn’t until I fully understood the concept of expressing terroir that I was excited about pursuing a career in winemaking. Pinot Noir, in particular, has the uncanny ability to allow the land that it is grown in to show through in the wine. The terroir is the combination of everything: the land, the weather, the work, the people. It is all connected in a bottle of Pinot Noir. Once I got that, it made me want to continue in that tradition.”

The unique qualities of Pinot Noir inspire her wine, and she’s traveled across the globe to learn more about how it interacts with the earth and the cultural traditions of producers.

Eventually Anne moved across the ocean to The Willamette Valley in Oregon—a region famous for its Pinot Noir.

Here is where she created Trousee-Chemise—a bottle that showcases her passion for Pinot. Pick yours up today!