Global Viticulture Master—Eva Fricke

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Eva Fricke studied viticulture and oenology across the globe to perfect her vision of craft wine—she’s worked at vineyards in France, Germany, Australia, Spain and South Africa.

She expresses her dedication to both innovation and tradition in her interview with WineEnthusiast:

“Question everything. Whether modern or traditional winemaking, don’t let a movement capture you fully. Be you, develop your own taste, listen to what is good for your body and question it all again.”

Maintain traditions and traditional landscapes that are at the foundation of our wine culture, and support other producers who make the effort to do so. These traditions took centuries to be built but can disappear in a day in the name of industrialized and more profitable agriculture.

Eva is involved in every step of the creation of her riesling-—she oversees and manages 32 acres of certified-organic vineyards in Rheingau! She focuses on continually honing her craft while supporting every member of her team. Mastering the unique qualities of her grapes means she invests continual time and attention to taste and quality—from an interview with DW, she says:

“Each wine and each year is unique, with their own development and character. The vintner only has one chance to interpret them and to make something delicious out of them.”

Grab a bottle of this Riesling master’s wine today— Eva Fricke Riesling Trocken QbA.