Caravaglio, Salina Bianco Chianu Cruci $27

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Apricot, verbena, orange blossom, and a bit nutty.

Orange wine that’s fresh and fruity rather than funky. Apricot, green tea, verbena, guava, and a lightly nutty nose. A palate of lemon and orange blossom finishes with bruised peach and star fruit. Pronounced like Keanu Croochi. It’s 100% Malvasia which is a naturally aromatic grape great for orange wine making. After a month of maceration, the wine comes off the skins, then spends six months in amphorae. It is only lightly filtered through gravity and little sulfur is used.

Certified Organic

  • Region: Italy / Sicily
Caravaglio, Salina Bianco Chianu Cruci